Giorgos Efthimiou is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is filmmaking since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film. His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals. In theater, he directs and sometimes play in performances with the group MetATiLIthi. He also collaborates with the group Anosia. He make visuals for live music shows, dance shows, and performances. He has written two books: .Pikrofeggara(poetry) & Deyteri Yli (short stories). Also he is founder & curator in Pugnant Film Series. With Pugnant Film Series organizes screening events that focus in independent cinema era. Also with Pugnant Film Series has collaborated with many festivals as Syros International Film Festival and Bideodromo International film festival. As curator is also member of the underground Athenian collective team of Chimeres. In the past he has curated a seminar about short films & filmmaking in Cinema Section of Athens University Club Cultural Society.

Selected Filmography
Without Bones (2020)
Night Pointer (2019)
Motherland (2018)
There is a cat called unhapiness so I am never all alone (2018)
It (2018)
Appalachia (2018)
I am just trying to say that I love life (2017)
Don’t Wake, Eurydice (2016)
Melani (2015)
Maniac 8.2.8 (2015)
Terrori di Imaginacion (2012)

Selected Screenings
Night Pointer (2019)

Τowards a new queer cinema fest (Split)
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou
Cinema Aavora
That One Film Festival 
Tsiolkovsky Film Festival   
We Make Movies International Film Festival 

Motherland (2018) (Feature Film)
2nd South Cone International Film Festival 2018 (Valparaiso, Chile)
Mac Horror Film Festival 2018 (Manaus, Brazil) [best production]
Sacramento Underground Film & Arts Festival 2018(Sacramento, Usa) [Best Experimental Film]
 Symi International Film Festival 2018 (Symi, Greece) [special mention]
Ciudad del Este Independent Film Festival 2018 (Ciudad del Este, Paraguay) [best experimental film]
4th Bahia Independent cinema Festival (Bahia, Brazil)
Kinimatografos Mikrokosmos (Athens, Greece)
HYFF (New York, Usa)
Stoa 60 (Heraklion, Creta)
Rosa Nera (Chania)
4th Festival internacional de Cine de Bayamón (Puerto Rico) 
Micropolis social space for freedom (Thessaloniki)
Prismatique.Project (Veroia)
Θυμωμένο Πορτραίτο (Ioannina)
Cinema cafe patra (Patra)
12nd Outview Film Festival
1st Cinergo Film Festival
3rd Suburbinale Filmfestival (Vienna)
Vaciador (Madrid)
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou

There is a cat called unhapiness so I am never all alone (2018)
Secret Gardens Museum Romeinse Katakomben(Limburg, Netherlands)
 IV Cinemaway Film Festival (Zhovkva, Ukraine)
We make films (Usa) 
4th Bogota Film Festival (Mexico)
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou

It (2018)
«Όψεις της Ανεξάρτητης Εικαστικής Δημιουργίας στην Ελλάδα του σήμερα» (13-14/4/18) E.M.
Il Varco International Short Film Festival (26-27/5/18)[special mention]
 Jahorina Film Festival
Athens Indipendent Digital Film Festival
Tipperary Dance Platform’s international dance festival
London Experimental Film Festival
All Nuit Long Vidéodanse
Everyday Arias
10th Frech Frivoles Festival
Cinemarian short Film Festival
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou
3ο Φεστιβάλ Κιούμπρικ

I am just trying to say that I love life (2017)
7th Athens international digital film festival (29/3-4/4/18)
 Kaipuu Festival of improvised sound and silent film (26-28/4)
Noisefloor Experimental Music and Moving Image Festival(8-10/5/18)
Athens International Digital Film Festival
Festival Miden 2018-2020 (
ατ Kalamata, Thesaloniki & Athens)
Video Art+ by Balkan can Kino

Don’t Wake, Eurydice (2016)
Independent Days 17
Directors Lounge of Contemporary Art Ruhr
10th international short film festival Psarokokalo[special mention]
2016 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival
2nd Short Movie Club
Delete Tv screening series
1st Garden City Film Festival
Balkan Can Kino (greek experimental)
Athens International Digital Film Festival
Thessaloniki Cinedance International 2018
Festival Danse en Film- Bordeaux
Ioff 2018 (New York, Usa)[best experimental film]
Melani (2015)
Lisbon International Film Festival
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
Martinique International Film Festival
Golden Sun Short Film Festival [Best Experimental Film]
Short Movie Club [Most discussed film & Cinema Freak's choice]
CreActive Internationan Open Film Festival (IOFF)
Mac Underground Film Festival [Best editing]
Exhibition of Anatomia in National Museum of Contemporary Arts Minsk
Moving Pictures Film Festival
 Short to the Point
6th Athens Digital Film Festival
2o Φεστιβάλ Κιούμπρικ
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou

Maniac 8.2.8 (2015)
Short Film Corner of the 68th Festival of Cannes
OIFF 2015
8th Post Mortem
13th Up-and-coming
 Mac Horror film Festival
 Ultimate Texas Shorts of December [best short international horror experimental film award]
5th Athens Digital International Film Festival
 Martinique International Film Festival
Lisbon International Film Festival
Hong Kon Arthouse Film Festival
Under the Underground Winter Showcase
CreActive Internationan Open Film Festival (IOFF) [Jury award in Experimental film section]
11th Cyprus International film festival
Προβολή Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Κιούμπρικ
Frech- Frivolene Filmfestival [Special Award, Best Picture Design 
Kino Club Split Tribute to Giorgos Efthimiou

Terrori di Imaginacion (2012)
14th Independent Film Festival of Patras
5th Artfools Video festival
2nd chimeres festival
18th Portobello Film Festival
11th Signes de Nuit International Festival

2017: Deyteri Yli
2016: Pikrofeggara 

(i am me and a little bit of you // heartless is a good heart)

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